Glasses-Free 3D Video Walls

Go big or go home!
Glasses-free 3D video walls

Empreza™ Series

Empreza™ Video Wall Displays

Go big or go home! Magnetic 3D makes large format glasses-free 3D viewing a reality with super-narrow bezel video wall solutions. Discover our bundled solutions with plug and play operation powering multiple displays from a single video wall controller. It’s all possible with Magnetic 3D.
Super Narrow Bezel
Empreza displays come with a super narrow bezel design that is only 1.85 mm thick.
Multiple Configurations
Empreza displays can be tiled to create any video wall configuration from 2×2 up to 4×4.
55" super narrow bezel display
3D Conversion
Real-time conversion technology accepts various 3D formats and translates them to glasses-free 3D in real-time. Formats include side-by-side, top-bottom, 9-tile, frame-packed, and 2D.
Automatically scales to your video wall size.
Content Formats
Display Video Walls
Millimeter Bezel
Degree Viewing Angle


3x3 Video Wall
3×3 Empreza™
Video Wall
Magnetic 3D
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