Amplify your Digital Signage with 4K Glasses-Free 3D Displays & Video Walls

Our all-new products range from 28“ to 100“ displays to multi-panel video walls. Content playback has never been easier with support for multiple 3D formats and state-of-the-art on-board conversion technology.

Deploy a network of signs and pay monthly with our managed network option.

We offer an “all-in“ bundle with content so you can focus on managing your business while we amplify your visuals.

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We make it easy for all customers to embrace Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage.


Our 3D solutions generate 10x-20x more engagement than 2D signage.

Why 3D?

More Attention
Greater Retention
Sales Conversion
Greater Sales Conversion
Elongated Viewing
As a tech law firm, and accelerator for technology companies, we wanted to showcase something in our lobby that epitomized amazing innovation. The Magnetic 3D screen is just that. It creates an innovative, inviting environment for our guests. There is never a day when I don’t get asked about their impressive technology. The team at Magnetic 3D has made the technology, setup, implementation and content creation a seamless, effortless process.
Heidi Hubbeling
Preccelerator COO
Network operators in the digital out of home space are always looking for unique ways to increase the attention and retention of their audience. …3D previously wasn’t practical in the DOOH space, due to a need for 3D glasses.
Abhishek Sharma
CEO & Co-Founder of Cross River Network
Magnetic 3D’s video wall was a great alternative to LED or traditional video walls for the lobby, considering its attractive price point and the seamless ability to show regular 2D content or next-generation, large format, glasses-free 3D content.
Tore Hovda
Partner at ProntoTV
Nobody stops to look at a flat-screen monitor now. They just walk by. You put a 3D autostereoscopic monitor there, and nobody just walks by. Everybody stops.
Diana Zimmerman
President of CMS Communications

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