About Magnetic 3D

Headquartered in New York and Los Angeles, Magnetic 3D designs and produces industry-leading, autostereoscopic (glasses-free 3D) solutions for a wide array of applications. The Company’s proprietary blend of hardware, software and content provides audiences with a realistic visual experience that includes both captivating off-screen “pop” and the immersive perception of depth. Magnetic’s end-to-end platform is engineered to help agencies and brands amplify engagement with consumers by providing premium content and production tools for 3D experiential marketing and digital signage.


The display wears the glasses, not the viewer!
Embedded FPGA
Real-time rendering of various formats to glasses-free 3D.
Custom LCD Monitor
Purpose-built monitors with industrial components and proprietary hardware.
3D Lens
Proprietary lenticular lenses are optically bonded to the front surface of the LCD panels.
Display Bezel
Outer bezel of the display encases the lens and monitor components.

Content Pipeline

From content creation to glasses-free 3D.
Production Tools
3D content is created using our production tools, which are designed for multiview content creation.
3D Input Formats
9-Tile or SBS content can be output from the production tools and loaded on or transmitted to the display.
Render Engine
The proprietary FPGA renders the input formats and combines the views to match the 3D lens.
Glasses-Free 3D
Multiple views are projected through the 3D lens and discrete images are delivered to the viewers eyes.


We are technologists that create state-of-the-art glasses-free 3D digital signage and experiential marketing solutions for clients and partners across many verticals.
Founder & CEOThomas Zerega
Well-regarded industry player with 20+ years broadcast, 3D, media sales, content, production, product & IP development, digital out of home, digital signage.
John Bracciante
Chief Operating OfficerJohn Bracciante
20+ years in business management and sales, former GM for Gerber Group / Starwood.
Andy Gellis
Chief Content OfficerAndrew Gellis
Former SVP of Film & Distribution at IMAX, Exec Consultant at SONY Pictures, and Chairman of the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA). An Exec Producer / Writer of numerous 3D films and pioneer of 3D formats.
Chief Financial OfficerMark Wald
Owns and operates Supporting Strategies Los Angeles, a business providing finance and accounting resources and leadership to hundreds of growing startups and small businesses.


Norman Jacobs
Investor, Former Publisher of 20 magazines, exit in 2009, Former President of the Publishing Association 10+ years.
James Johnsen
Founder of Johnsen, Fretty & Company, media-focused investment bank. 20+ Year track record, 300 media transactions, $3B in value.
James E. Chestnut
Former CFO and EVP of The Coca-Cola Company.
Jonathan Roth
Founder and Managing Partner 3650 REIT. Former President of Canyon Partners, Real Estate.
Dan Partelow
Sr Manager, Brand & Agency Development at Taboola.
John Zelenka
President of the New York Stereoscopic Association.
Eric A. Brown
President of HolograFx Inc, EVP of Saddle Ranch Digital.
Paul Kline
Partner at Conexus Worldwide.
Matt Ward
Partner at Tekamaki and Superluminary.
Jimmy Dun
Partner at Dynasign Online.

Partner Program

Magnetic 3D sells directly to marketers and through a global network of value added distributors and channel partners creating solutions for point of sale applications, interactive campaigns, visual merchandising, gaming, medical, virtual and augmented reality, staging and lighting, concessions, information displays, and holographic experiences. The Company works across numerous verticals including: digital-out-of-home, retail, hospitality, casinos, QSR, music and sports venues, theme parks, lobbies and many more.


Magnetic 3D
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New York, NY 10017
(877) 225 8950
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