Glasses-Free 3D Desktop Monitors

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s it worth in 3D?

Emersa Desktop Monitors

Emersa Series Glasses-free 3D Desktop Monitors provide an unprecedented single-user 3D experience at stunning 4K resolution. This all-in-one platform utilizes proprietary eye-tracking technology via an embedded camera system to deliver optimal stereoscopic 3D video to the user’s position in real-time.
4K Resolution
Emersa Desktops come built with stunning 4K resolution for a more detailed 3D image.
Smart Switching
Smart 2D/3D switching – automatically switch to 2D when viewer is outside 3D viewing area
Features embedded Intel RealSense camera, used for eye-tracking using RGB + depth map binocular tracking. A 30ms latency that is flicker-free when moving <20cm/s.
Stereoscopic Content
Supports 2-view stereoscopic content.
Million Pixels
Intel RealSense Camera
Degrees of Eye-Tracking
View Stereoscopic Content

Viewing Distance

Color Gamut

72% NTSC. 1 billion colors.

Ditch those 3D Glasses for Good
28“ Emersa Desktop
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